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Saving a Generation HIV Youth in America - The Balm In Gilead
Today in the united states HIV continues to remain a major problem. The disparities seen within African American and minority communities is a full blown epidemic. Unfortunately this crisis is now threatening the future of our children and young people. Advances through technology, changes in culture, family structures, and society area ll contributing factors and influences in the lives if today's youth that can impact their sexual behaviors and risks for becoming infected with HIV.
          By the numbers   
  • 1 in 4 of all new HIV infections occurs in youth ages 13-24
  • 4 out of 5 new infections in youth occurs in males 
  • About 60% of youth with HIV are unaware they are infected
  • More new infections were found among young African Americans males than in any other youth group by the gender 

We need an  Action Plan

In order to address this growing issue in our families , schools, and communities we need to 

  • Get educated on the facts about HIV to understand risk and social factors that impact those risks
  • Get educated on prevention strategies and resources 
  • Engage our communities to combat stigma and discrimination that prevent young people , especially young gay/bisexual youth from practicing in prevention and treatment programs.

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